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Who: The Head and the Heart

Song:  Lost In My Mind

Written By - Jadyn

Why You’ll Adore Them:  I must be sub-consciously drawn to Seattle born bands. Seriously, the bands I fall in love with the most all seem to originate from that area.  So I suppose it will be no surprise when I tell you that the band I’m bringing you tonight, The Head and the Heart, is yet another Seattle band.

If you like Mumford and Sons, Finnagin’s Father , Florence and the Machines, Gold Motel, William Fitzsimmons or Local Natives, then this band was created to cater to your every desire.  They will fill the void in your musical world with so much warmth and authenticity, you’ll be amazed that you ever had the capacity to live your life without them.

Despite their well-established, more-than-one album, twelve-hour-lines-to-get-into-the-venue sound, the band didn’t actually form until 2009 and their first (and only!)  full album wasn’t released until 2011.  Yet, they are already selling out shows all over the United States - and Australia.  And for good reason.  It only takes listening to the first five seconds of any of their songs and you are hooked.  With intensely prosperous vocals, fascinatingly perfect instrumentals, and richly sacred lyrics, you honestly can’t say no to The Head and the Heart.

The Head and the Heart is composed of six members - vocalist, violinist, and percussionist Charity Rose Thielen; bassist Chris Zasche; vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist Josiah Johnson; vocalist, guitarist and percussionist Jonathan Russell; pianist Kenny Hensley; and finally, percussionist Tyler Williams.  Did you get all that? Half of the band plays not one, not two, but three different instruments, at performance level.  That’s pretty impressive to me as someone who shamefully uses her perfectly functional and terribly beautiful guitar solely for decoration.  Before you click play, please understand what you are getting yourself into - you are diving head first into a sea of faultless inspiration.  Have you fully prepared yourself?

Hear more from The Head And The Heart HERE

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