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Who: The Head and Heart

Song: Winter’s Song

What They Sound Like: Stunningly beautiful indie folk.  Lacing 4 part harmonies with sweet acoustic accompaniments give them a fantastical aura of gorgeous tapestry on a quiet august day. 

Written By - Marie

Why You’ll Love Them: There are few things I love more than a good set of harmonies and The Head and the Heart doesn’t fail to deliver. You know when a harmony is so perfect that the different voices are almost indistinguishable? Well, these guys totally have it. The creativity and soul of this group is just overflowing in their work and rarely have I seen a group with so much natural musical talent!!

I’m not going to sugarcoat this, they are very very good. Hailing from Seattle, there’s something sensational and truly magical about their blending of vintage Folk-soft rock and harmonious flowing pop.  

But that’s just the studio work!! This band has such an enormous stage presence and they exude this amazing contagious energy that’ll have you tapping your feet and humming along.  A live performance of The Head and The Heart is like taking a trip through the endless copper streetlamps of time forgotten and into the woods of musical bliss.  

On their own, each band member has their own unique flair, but it’s when they join together that they really shine. Jonathan Russell and Josiah Johnson both have these amazing, smooth voices that just makes my toes curl. Also, can I just say that Josiah looks a little like Lost’s dominic monagan? Especially when he’s wearing sunglasses. He totally does!  As for female singer Charity Rose Thielen? She has one of the most unique voices that I’ve heard in a long time!  Her sound is so incomparable that it’s hard to adequately describe but she uses it so passionately that you’d have to be crazy not to fall in love with her tender command and control. 

The best part about these guys? They know how to use their voices!! They all show an exceptional amount of control knowledge of themselves and each other. That’s a hallmark of any great band, understanding the music, their message and each other.

The Head and The Heart are a heartwarming and awe-inspiring journey through all the most beautiful part of folk music.  I’m so excited to see them when they come to San Diego in October. I love them, I hope you feel the same. 

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